• Make your own nootropic coffee with superfoods

    In this small book I will share my best findings and show you how to create the focus and concentration stack that me and my friends have been using as a secret weapon. This stack will also provide you with some awesome superfoods so that you level up your overall wellness. 

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  • Nootropics and COBOsmart featured on Selfgrowth

    People often ask these types of questions and they are bound to. The reason is that there is so much of hype about Nootropics. Certainly Nootropics are not wonder drugs or supplement. Let me introduce Nootropics (obviously this introduction is not for those who are already using it or know what it is) Nootropics (smart …

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  • What are nootropics?

    It is advisable for humans to use nootropics because it allows them greater control over their states, moods and cognitive abilities.

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